About Cheryl

Cheryl Rabin Portrait

“Drawing and painting from the figure has always been central to my artwork. My first work using the figure began in my local art school in Cheshire, Northwest England. My involvement with the figure continued when I went on to study Fashion Design and Illustration at St Martin’s School of Art in central London. There I learned to create from and for the figure.

The model posing is as fresh and challenging today as in my early art school days. The style in which I work continues to evolve as new themes and painting techniques inspire. I draw and paint directly onto unstretched linen or canvas, using oil paint and oil bars. I prefer the “quick pose” to maintain the dynamism that I seek and wish to express in my portrayal of the figure.

I admire, and draw from the work of De Kooning, Soutine, Ingres, Kandinsky, Munch, to name only a few. Current fashion, both couture and “street“ fashion, continues to be a source of inspiration.”

Cheryl Rabin – 2011